Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Yard Sale Crazies

I have been working for 12 hours today dragging out all our old stuff to have a yard sale next weekend. It is insane what we have accumulated in the past 5 and half years of living here. By just cleaning out the closets and underneath the beds, I already have almost 10 bags full of stuff. I haven't even walked into the garage because that is where I will really be losing my mind with all the old baby clothes and toys the boys don't play with anymore. I totally should be doing this more often because when I cleaned out the boys closet I pulled out newborn baby diapers in an old diaper bag. Yeah...I had a total mom moment and shed a tear or two!

It will be even funnier when I start pricing all this stuff. Either these people will be yelling at me that I am robbing them blind or they will be racking up on some great deals because I have absolutely no idea on how to price all this stuff. So cross your fingers that we have beautiful warm weather next weekend, lots of people come and buy all of our stuff, and that I survive this next week getting everything together while still accomplishing all of my other motherly duties. I am sure by the end of the week I will be suffering a major case of the yard sale crazies!

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