Monday, December 19, 2011

My Baby Boy is 6

So everyone says it over and over but you never quite get it until you have your own children. They grow up too fast! My baby boy is going to be 6 years old on Wednesday. I just can't believe it. I remember the first time they put him in my arms - I was scared to death and completely in love with my 7lb 12 oz bundle of joy!

I have so many memories of that day. By far my most treasured memory was Jaxson crying while getting checked out by the doctor. My husband went over and started talking to him and he instantly stopped. Jaxson is still like that - a complete and total daddy's boy. It's okay I occasionally win his attention and love and when I do it is the best feeling in the world!

Another great memory was seeing both sets of new grandparents hold our little baby. The smiles on their faces were priceless as they each took a turn holding him. My dad was out of town but managed to fly in at the last minute to see his first grandson. I was so happy that he made it and loved watching him hold his grandson so proudly.

My sister was also a proud aunt. She bravely accompanied me in the delivery room along with my husband and mom. She helped me while I pushed, held my hand, cried with me, and made me laugh all at the same time. Jaxson quickly stole her heart. He is truly blessed to have such a wonderful aunt.

So December is a crazy month for all of us - with Christmas shopping, family get togethers, and holiday parties. In the middle of all the madness, we have Jaxson's birthday party for the family a couple of weeks before his actual birthday. I hate that his birthday is so close to Christmas so I try extra hard to make him feel so special and loved. Today I took cupcakes to school to celebrate with his class and on Wednesday, his actual birthday, we will be visiting the Discovery Center upon his request. Holiday birthdays are the worst - especially for kids - but I hope that all the effort I put into making his birthday into a big deal makes him realize how much he means to us! Happy 6th Birthday my baby boy!!!

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The Birthday Boy :)

Gotta love a sharp dressed man :)

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